I’m in the process of “rebranding” and partially reorganizing myself and the work I do. I am shifting my attention towards building small batches of frames, in additiona to custom builds to order. Focusing on building the bikes that I am stoked on, and seeing if y’all are as excited about riding them as I am about designing & building them. I will continue to offer custom services, as well as doing repairs and modifications on a limited basis. So keep your eyes peeled, some cool stuff is going to be happening around here. Not real keen on this website work, so watch the IG (which I looooove). Maybe I’ll have a “blog” on here to provide news updates. In the meantime, I’m working away, so shoot me an email if you need something done.

Also:  wear a mask, keep your distance, take responsibility for your loved ones and the strangers we share this world with.
-Erik   8/18/20